Commercial media changes on a daily basis - image quality does not. Creating the very best interactive images requires the perfect combination of technical knowledge, artistic photographic talent, and experience.
Each and every Gyroscope project is hand crafted with engineering precision and professional photographic expertise. Gyroscope's mission is to provide the very highest quality rich media interactive images for your website or interactive project.
Gyroscope Interactive Photography is directed by Tim Petros, who has a BSME engineering degree from the University of Illinois, and studied photography at Art Center in Pasadena. Tim has been a professional commercial photographer since 1980, working with Photoshop since 1991. He attended Apple Developer University in 1995 for QuickTime VR, and has since worked on numerous fun and challenging, high profile interactive projects over the past 12 years. Tim is also the inventor of BongoTies.
Your image is important -- Invest in the best.
Gyroscope Interactive Photography is a custom job shop, where you interface directly with the talent. Quality commercial images are best created by skilled individuals, and not by large image factories or marketing groups who hire cheap inexperienced help. When Architectural Digest does photography for a cover or feature article, they hire an experienced and talented artist, not a big marketing firm. We give your project the individual professional skilled attention that it deserves.
Just because the results are awesome, doesn't mean the price should be too.
A typical project is a composition of photography, image editing, and VR authoring skills. Photography and image editing rates are competitive to the industry, and VR authoring is billed at the same rate as image editing.
Each client's project is unique -- please call or email Gyroscope for a custom cost estimate.
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